Board of Directors

Walnut Creek South Homes Association is managed by a nine (9) member Board of Directors elected by members in good standing with the homes association.  The Board of Directors was created and empowered by the Walnut Creek South Homes Association Declaration filed and recorded with Platte County.  The Board is “charged with the management of the Association in accordance with its Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws”.

According to the Association’s By-Laws, the Board of Directors “shall develop and administer the rules and regulations for the conduct of the Association.  It shall have the power to collect dues and disburse said dues for the maintenance of the Association facilities and the conduct of Association business. It shall enforce these By-Laws and the provisions of the Walnut Creek South Homes Association.”

Through its decisions on policies, procedures, rules and enforcement, the Walnut Creek South Homes Association Board of Directors works to:

  • Maintain and improve member property values.
  • Protect, maintain and improve community assets and amenities.
  • Create and protect a family-safe environment.
  • Provide for the ‘business’ needs of the community.
  • Be fiscally responsible to members in the use of their membership dues.

Board Members Elections

Three (3) members of the nine member Board of Directors are elected to three year terms during the Annual Community Meeting held in November each year.  Elected Board Member terms are effective the first of January following the Annual Community Meeting.

Potential Board Members must be nominated by another member during the election process and will be asked to provide a short verbal statement regarding their interest in serving on the Board of Directors.  Each member household will be entitled to one (1) vote for each of three nominees during the election.  Votes will be tallied and elected Board Members will be those with the highest tallies of votes.

Association documents do not provide for absentee nominations, nominees, or voting. Only members in good standing and in attendance are eligible to participate in the election process.

Board Members Responsibilities and Expectations

Serving the Walnut Creek community as a Board Director is a voluntary act of community service.  Directors are expected to actively represent the best interests of our entire community in a professional, fair, and unbiased manner and to take an active role in the maintenance and improvement of our community assets and programs.

The Board of Directors regularly scheduled monthly meeting is on the second Thursday of each month at 7:00pm in the Walnut Creek Clubhouse.  Members of the homes association are welcome to attend.  In addition to monthly Board Meetings, each Director serves on two (2) Board operating committees.  Meetings and communication for the operating committees are determined by each committee.

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Board Officers

The Board of Directors has the following officer positions as directed by association documents:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

Board Officers for the upcoming year are elected by the current Board Members in the December Board Meeting each year. Elected Board Officers must be current Directors of the Board of Directors. Officers are elected to a one year term and may be re-elected the following year.

Board Committees 

Each Board Member serves on two of the six Board Committees including Grounds, Administration, Pools, Community Relations, Clubhouse, and Finance.

These Board Committees administer the operational budget and make operational decisions for their area of oversight.  Each committee is comprised of three Board Members and may include Friends of the Board at the committee’s discretion.

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Current Board Members

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