Board of Directors Committee Guidelines

Committees may organize and distribute responsibilities to members which best serve the committee’s operation.  The primary committee person is responsible to provide a progress report at each monthly meeting of the Board of Directors.  In the event of the absence of the primary member, another designated committee member may present the report.

Committees are responsible for administering the budget areas pertaining to their area of responsibility.  Although the committee may authorize regular operational expenditures within the scope of the budget areas, committee members are encouraged to seek Board consensus on significant decisions or expenditures.  The Board of Directors must approve any and all expenditures that exceed the budget of the committee.

The Board of Directors must approve any additional compensation for Walnut Creek South Homes Association employees, including but not limited to vacation and bonuses.

The Board of Directors must approve all changes to Walnut Creek South Homes Association rules and regulations proposed by any committee.

Committee assignments for the upcoming year should be approved during the October Board Meeting.  Any Board Members who is eligible for re-election in November will not be assigned as the primary committee member.  Newly elected Board Members will fulfill the committee assignment of the Board Member being replaced.

Committees are expected to manage the operations and expenditures within their areas of responsibility in a fair and effective manner that represents the best interests of the entire community.

These guidelines for committee operations should be reviewed annually and revised, as needed, by the Board of Directors during the October Board Meeting.