Membership dues

The Walnut Creek South Homes Association is supported through dues paid by the members.

Membership dues provide for:

  • Support and maintenance of Homes Association amenities and grounds
  • Administrative costs including insurance, accounting, and facility management
  • Member social activities
  • Member and Association trash and re-cycling pickup
  • Improvements to facilities and grounds as directed by the Board of Directors

Each year in November the Board of Directors determines the membership dues for the following year.  Although dues are assessed for the entire year, members may elect to pay dues in monthly installments.  Important Note:  If the member elects to pay dues on a monthly basis, it is the responsibility of the member to make sure dues payments are made; the Homes Association does not send monthly bills for dues payments.

Membership dues may be paid through the following methods:

Monthly dues payments are due the by the 10th of each month.  Any member account with an account delinquency after the 10th of the month will be charged a $5.00 service fee.

Association documents and by-laws allow the Homes Association to discontinue services and access to facilities for any member who is not current with their dues payments.  This may include filing of a legal lien against property for non-payment of dues after three (3) months.  Any collection costs such as certified letters, attorney action, lien filing fees, etc. will be assessed to the member and must be paid by the member to bring the member account current.

Dues may be mailed to:

Walnut Creek South HOA
PO Box 12252
5502 W. Clubhouse Cove
Parkville, MO  64152