Get Involved!

Walnut Creek South Homes Association depends on the help of members to accomplish much of what we do.  Member’s ideas and suggestions are valued.  Although some ideas cannot be acted upon due to cost, practicality or legal ability to execute, member’s ideas and suggestions have improved the quality of our facilities and offerings.

Members have several ways to ‘Get Involved’:

Provide your Ideas, Comments, and Suggestions

Click here to send us a message via our Suggestion Box! Ideas for improvements to our community or additional opportunities for members will be strongly considered, as well as any complaints or concerns!

Social Committee

The Board of Directors is looking to re-establish a community social committee with the objective of helping with existing social activities for members, as well as recommending and building new social opportunities for our member and their families. As a Family Living community, Walnut Creek desires to provide diverse activities to meet the needs and interests of our diverse community.  Please contact the Homes Association Office if you have interest in helping with the Social Committee.

Friends of the Board

Members who are interested in working with the Board of Directors and helping with either specific on-going activities or occasional projects are Friends of the Board.

Perhaps you have knowledge of insurance, technology, landscaping, construction, recreation, etc. and you would like to help your community, you would be welcomed as a Friend of the Board.

Perhaps you would like to help our neighborhood by maintaining a landscaping bed, putting out meeting signs each month, helping with clean-ups or other needed tasks, you would be welcomed as a Friend of the Board.

Please contact the Association Office or one of the Board of Director Officers to discuss your interest in helping!

Homes Association Board Member

Each year members of the Walnut Creek South Homes Association elect three (3) Board Members to serve a three (3) year term on the Board of Directors.  If you have interest in learning more about being a Board Member, please refer to the following ‘Board of Directors’ section by clicking here.