Walnut Creek Board Member Expectations

In that the mission of the Walnut Creek Board of Directors is to support the ongoing operation of our community business and to maintain and improve the common assets of our community, Board Members should be concerned with and promote the overall welfare and growth of our community.

Recognizing that each member of our community has particular concerns and interests personal to their own situation, we believe that effective Board Members should be motivated toward decisions that benefit the common good of the community.

Board Members should actively participate in the conducting of Walnut Creek Homes Association business.  Board Members are expected to attend all regular meetings of the Board held on the second Thursday of each month.  If a Member is unable to attend any of the Board meetings, notice should be given to the Board President and/or the Association secretary at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the scheduled meeting.

The ongoing operation of the Homes Association requires effort by Board members beyond monthly meetings.  Board members are expected to accept responsibility for support of various aspects of our community’s interests such as the clubhouse, pools, grounds, community relations, etc.  All Board Members must take an active role in the maintenance and improvement of our community assets and programs.

If a Board Member incurs work or personal conflicts that significantly inhibit attendance at Board meetings or performance of Board responsibilities, the Board Member is encouraged to resign from the Board allowing for a replacement Member to be selected.

Acceptance of nomination and election to the Walnut Creek Board is a voluntary act of community service.  In this spirit, Board Members shall not be paid for any service performed for the Walnut Creek Homes Association without the expressed approval of the Board of Directors.

The Walnut Creek South Homes Association By-Laws charge the Board with responsibility to “develop and administer the rules and regulations for the conduct of the Association”, to “collect dues and disburse said dues for the maintenance of the Association facilities and the conduct of Association business”, and to “enforce these By-Laws and the provisions of the Walnut Creek Homes Association”.  To fulfill this charge each Board Member is expected to actively represent the best interests of our community in a professional, fair, and unbiased manner.