I am a new homeowner in Walnut Creek.  Where can I find more information regarding the Homes Association?

New homeowners are encouraged to contact the Homes Association Office at (816) 587-8289 to request a new homeowner packet which will provide information and specifics regarding your membership in the Homes Association.  This should be done at your earliest convenience to help make your transition into Walnut Creek as easy as possible.

Is Walnut Creek Acres located in Kansas City or Parkville city limits?

Walnut Creek residences are located in unincorporated Platte County (zip code 64152) and are subject to Platte County codes and ordinances.  Emergency services are provided by Southern Platte County Fire Department and Platte County Sheriff’s Office.

How is the Homes Association managed?

The Homes Association is managed by a nine (9) member Board of Directors elected by members of the Homes Association.  The Board is responsible for the operation and protection of the community assets, community activities, enforcement of restrictions, cooperation with governmental entities, and decisions regarding budgeting and finances for the Homes Association. Board Members serve three (3) year terms.  Each year, three (3) Board Member seats are up for election.  Election for the three (3) seats occurs each year at the Annual Member Meeting held at the Clubhouse on the 2nd Thursday in November at 8:00 pm.

When does the Board of Directors meet?

The Board of Directors meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm in the Clubhouse.  Members of the Association are invited to attend.

How is the Homes Association financed?

The Homes Association is financed by membership dues.  Dues assessments are reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors each year.  The current member dues assessment is $600 per year ($50/month) and includes member trash and recycling costs.

How do I pay membership dues to the Homes Association and where does that money go?

Membership dues are assessed annually and may be paid in a lump sum for the year or members are allowed to pay the assessment in monthly installments due the first of each month and late after the 10th of the month.

Dues may be paid by check mailed to: Walnut Creek South Homes Association, P.O Box 12252, Parkville, Missouri 64152 or deposited in the drop box just to the right of the main Clubhouse entrance.  Many members use our recurring monthly ACH debit program for dues payments. Membership dues may also be paid online using a credit or debit card. A nominal convenience fee to cover Association costs for this service will be charged.

Membership dues support the operation of the Homes Association, upkeep and improvement of amenities, neighborhood activities, utilities, and trash / recycling services for members.

How do I contact the Homes Association Office?

The Homes Association Office is located inside of the Walnut Creek Clubhouse at 5502 NW Clubhouse Cove.  The office is open Tuesday through Saturday from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. to help Walnut Creek members and to conduct Homes Association business.

The office phone number is (816) 587-8289.  An office drop box is available to the right of the Clubhouse front entrance.  The office mailing address is:  Walnut Creek South Homes Association, P.O. Box 12252, Parkville, Missouri  64152.

What property restrictions apply to my Walnut Creek home?

All Walnut Creek Acres homes are subject to Platte County ordinances and regulations.  Specific property restrictions for your property may vary depending on the section of Walnut Creek in which your property is located.  Please contact the Homes Association Office for help and further information.

Who is allowed access to Homes Association’s amenities and facilities?

Reservation and Use of the Walnut Creek amenities and facilities is limited to Members in good standing of the Homes Association.  Please refer to the specific facility or amenity on this site for more information or contact the Association Office at (816) 587-8289. 

Is the Homes Association responsible for Road Maintenance and Snow Removal?

The Parkville Special Road District provides outstanding service to Walnut Creek for all road maintenance and snow removal.  Our roads are amongst the best in the Kansas City metropolitan area.  For further questions regarding roads, contact the Parkville Special Road District at (816) 891-9044.

Who provides for Trash and Recycling Services?

Through Waste Management, the Homes Association provides one trash container and one recycling container to each member home in Walnut Creek.  The containers must be ‘roadside’ for trash and recycle pickup each Monday by 7:00 am.  In the event of a holiday, pickup will be moved to the next day – Tuesday.  Additional containers are available for lease from Waste Management.  For any additional trash or recycling questions, please contact Waste Management at (913) 631-3300.