Fall Clean-up Day is scheduled for Saturday, October 7th from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm at the club-
house parking lot. Volunteers can access the dumpsters beginning at 8am. Others can begin forming a
line behind the clubhouse sidewalk and will be given access at 8:30. Please arrive no later than noon to
ensure access to the dumpsters. We will conclude when the dumpsters are full or if there are no vehicles present at any point after 12pm. Past Clean-up Days have proved successful as residents remain patient, lining up and waiting their turn. Please bring along a teenager or neighbor to help you unload.This keeps the line moving to your and everyone’s benefit. Board members and volunteers will be available to direct traffic, organize materials, check dues status and proof of residence in Walnut Creek.
Please expect to be asked to see your drivers license or utility bill for proof of residence.
Dumpsters … will be available in the clubhouse parking lot, right side. They will be supervised. Members are encouraged to use the dumpsters with the following guidelines:
• Any debris broken down and compacted into a
lawn bag can be put in dumpsters beginning at
11:30, pending available room in the dumpsters
• No toxic chemicals such as solvents, gas, or oil
will be accepted.
• No tires or batteries.
• Large items (swing sets, picnic tables, etc.) must
be “broken down”.
• For any wood or lumber, please remove all nails
that might wound our volunteers.
• Use of the dumpsters is “first come, first
served”. Once the dumpsters are filled, and the
event has closed, no one will be allowed to dis-
pose of additional materials overflowing the
dumpsters or in the surrounding area.
• Loose tree debris and branches less than 6” in
• No chipper available.
• No construction lumber,
• No bagged material of any kind.