Recycle Service Changes

01/07/2020 Note from Waste Management “The exchanging of the carts was postponed and will resume on 2/1/21. The carts will be exchanged and additional information provided before the service collection changes.”

01/02/2020 PLEASE CONTINUE TO SET OUT YOUR RECYCLE TOTE ON EACH MONDAY UNTIL THE TOTES ARE EXCHANGED. Waste Management is evidently running behind schedule on exchanging totes. We are under the assumption that weekly service will continue until the totes are exchanged.

11/25/2020 Beginning in January 2021 there will be a change to the recycling service. Recycle totes will be emptied every other week rather than a weekly schedule.

Beginning Monday, December 7, 2020 Waste Management will begin exchanging the current 65 gal totes(on your regular pickup day) for a larger capacity 95 gal totes (40”x28”X33”) to accommodate for this change. If you would like to keep your current tote you will need to print and tape the provided sign below on your recycle tote. There are printed signs by the clubhouse door if you would like to pick one up instead.

Keep my tote sign

This change will not affect the current regular weekly trash service, only the recycling schedule will change.

If you would like to get an additional recycle or trash tote, you may make arrangements with Waste Management for a fee of $5.00 per cart per month.