The October meeting of the Walnut Creek South Homes Association Board of Directors was convened at 7:00 pm by Ken Emerson, Board President. Board Members in attendance were Carol Arnold, Joe Bichler, Joe Blount, Ken Emerson, Ken Finke, Alex Hodges, Mike Howell and Phil Latessa.  Not in attendance was Bernice Motts.

Mr. Brian Main of the Southern Platte County Fire District provided information on free smoke detector check and replacement programs, home address sign program, and a family open house at the Fire Station on 45 Highway for October 15. Information on the smoke detector and home address sign programs will be provided for publication to the Walnut Creek Community.

Joe Smith reported on his conversation with County Commissioner Bev Roper regarding a meeting to further discuss emergency access opportunities over the creek spillway bridge. Joe will provide the Board with meeting information and requested attendance by Board Members.  Joe also proposed investigation of hiring a management company to handle WCSHA daily community and business activities.  Jack Warren expressed concern about the need for adoption of a $10.00 per month dues increase and suggested a $5.00 month increase might be a better option for the short term and revisit another increase as needed.

Minutes for the August, 2016, and September, 2016, monthly Board Meetings were approved with minor modifications.

The major portions of the 2016 communications improvement plan are in place. Improvements and plans for updates / additions for 2017 are being discussed.  The Administration Committee is also looking into reporting responsibilities for nonprofit and not for profit corporations in the State of Missouri to insure our Homes Association complies with those expectations.

Storm water grant reimbursements have been received from Platte County for work completed so far.  Additional tree and brush cleanup along Rush Creek will be completed by the end of October.  Phase 3 of the Rush Creek Storm Water Cleanup which involves construction of a wall to protect portions of the creek bank de-stabilized by erosion is on hold until further discussion with Platte County.  This aspect of the Storm Water Plan will only be completed if deemed necessary by the County and Engineering recommendations.

The Board of Directors approved continued suspension of membership privileges for members not complying with restrictions. Most members have responded to requests for compliance with both Homes Association Restrictions and County Ordinance violations.

Re-landscaping of the Clubhouse and Entrances including the addition of landscaping along some of the pool fencing has been completed in accordance with the Special Project request. Four small additional add-on projects were approved and will be charged to the Grounds Improvement operational budget.

The ponds along Seminole and Indian Hills have been treated twice. The first treatment was very effective and we are anticipating the second treatment will be equally effective.  The longer term plan involves looking for proactive ways to reduce the algae and plant life growth to reduce the need for as many ongoing chemical treatments.

The Board of Directors discussed increasing of membership dues for 2017. Directors expressed differing opinions – some preferring a $5.00 per month increase and others preferring a $10.00 per month increase.  A motion to increase dues for 2017 by $5.00 per month was defeated by the Board in a vote of 3 in favor with 5 against.  A second motion to increase dues by $10.00 per month was approved by the Board in a vote of 5 in favor and 3 against.  By Board action, the 2017 Association Member dues will be $600.00 per year ($50.00 per month) for Full Members and $480.00 per year ($40.00 per month) for Basic Members.  Letters advising Members of the 2017 Assessment and Annual Meeting will be sent within the next few days to meet the notification requirements provided in the Association By-Laws.

The Board’s administration committee will have a work session on Thursday, October 20, at 6:30 pm to plan the Member Annual Meeting procedures. This work session will be available to all Board Members wishing to attend and participate in the planning.

The Board scheduled a work session for Thursday, October 20, at 7:00 pm to review and discuss the Association’s operational budget for 2017.

The Board is soliciting and evaluating bids for the following: addition of another light pole at the clubhouse parking lot, conversion of all the parking lot pole lights to LED, conversion of the pool pole lights to LED, and conversion of the tennis court pole lights to LED.  This investigation is based on the better parking lot illumination and projected costs reductions in electric utilization and maintenance / repair for our pole lights in the future.

Ken Emerson has met with the Parkville Special Road District to discuss storm water improvements along 57th Terrace and 58th Terrace for three (3) problem areas.  The Road District has expressed interest in suggestions for improvements.  Another storm water problem at the bottom of Michael’s Cove has been discussed and will be researched.

Board Members continued discussion of establishing a ‘Little Library’ for children in Walnut Creek.  Board Member Alex Hodges volunteered to build the ‘Little Library’ and community members have volunteered to monitor its use and materials.  The proposed location is on NW 58th Terrace near NW Raintree Drive.

Board Committee reports were provided. The October Community Meeting was adjourned by motion, second and unanimous vote.