The May Community Meeting was called to order by Ken Emerson, Board President, at 7:00 pm on Thursday, May 11, 2017 at the Walnut Creek Clubhouse. Board Members in attendance were Joe Blount, Joe Bichler, Scott Eiken, Ken Emerson, Alex Hodges, Mike Howell, Phil Latessa and Siobhann Williams.  Board Member Ken Finke was unable to attend.

Ken Emerson welcomed all guests. Community member Joe Smith suggested looking into Text Castor as a way of sending text alerts to community members.  He also discussed the changing nature of the neighborhoods as buyers purchase homes within Walnut Creek and stressed again his support of restriction and ordinance enforcement.

The Board approved minutes for the April 2017 Board Meeting.

Old Business:

Mike Howell reported that the Homes Association LED lighting addition and conversion for clubhouse parking lot, pool, multi-use court and small shelter house is on schedule with an expected completion prior to opening of the pool for the summer season.

Ken Emerson reported that the new AV equipment for the Clubhouse with external connections for equipment such as computers, projectors, etc, is being completed. Equipment will be connected to the systems through external connectors rather than having to access the backs of the TV, Stereo, etc.  This is anticipated to extend the life of the equipment.

Board Members approved a request for continuation of privilege suspensions for those violating restrictive covenants.

Mike Howell reported the website upgrades including the ability to pay dues online by credit card and the article repository are in process with expected completion by the first week in June.

Ken Emerson and Mike Howell reported the Deffenbaugh tote policy is being communicated to members through the newsletter and will be included in the new website article repository.

New Business:

The Administration Committee proposed an additional association policy for use with Restrictions Violations enforcement. The additional policy would strengthen restriction violation enforcement involving ‘mobile equipment’ offenses including campers of all kinds, trailers, boats, etc. when the offender repeatedly violates the restriction or exceeds the time allotments approved by the Board.  After discussion the Board split on the approval vote with four in favor and four abstaining or opposed.  Without a clear and strong support from the Board for this policy, the new policy will not be put into effect until further Board discussion.

On behalf of the Clubhouse Committee, Ken Emerson requested approval for a Special Project in the amount of up to $3200 to update and repair our current security surveillance system including additional cameras, new DVR, new video screen with greater picture definition and general maintenance and repairs of the existing cameras. The Special Project was approved by the Board.

The Clubhouse Committee requested approval for a Special Project of up to $2200 for replacement of the broken window on the north side of the clubhouse entrance, the fogged window on the northwest main level, and a fogged window on the northwest lower level pool room. The fogged windows are a result of age and breaching of the seal between the window panes allowing moisture to build up between the external and internal window panes.  The Special Project was approved by the Board.

Ken Emerson suggested re-scheduling of the June Board Meeting to June 15 based on a Swim Team home meet scheduled for June 8. The Board agreed to the re-scheduling proposal.

Committee Reports

Administration – The office has completed setup of the direct payroll for pool and office staff. Pool pass requests are being processed and preparation is being made for the onslaught of pool pass request as the pool opens.

Clubhouse – The Board reviewed the Sunday walk-through procedure. A suggestion was offered to provide the assigned Board Member with a reminder earlier during the week rather than waiting until Friday or Saturday.

Community Relations – Preparations for the Memorial Day Cookout are being made with a request for volunteers to help with grilling and feeding! The first WCSHA movie night is scheduled for Saturday, June 10.  The movie will begin at dusk.

Finance – No update

Grounds – Spring turf maintenance and mowing is in full swing. The entrance and clubhouse landscaping is doing well.

Pools – The 2017 pool staff has been hired with scheduled lifeguard certification and re-certification on the schedule. The pool is being prepared for the Memorial Day opening!

The May Community Meeting was adjourned without objection.