The July Community Meeting was called to order by Ken Emerson, Board President, at 7:00 pm on Thursday, July 12, 2018, at the Walnut Creek Clubhouse. Board Members in attendance were Gary Droege, Scott Eiken, Ken Emerson, Mike Howell and Siobhann Williams.  Board Members Joe Blount and Tyler Unsell were unable to attend.

Ken Emerson welcomed all guests. Mike Howell introduced Jacqui Maiseroulle and Halley Freeman as interested in Board Member positions.

The Board approved minutes for the June monthly Board Meeting with one wording change.

Old Business:

Board Members approved a request from the Administration Committee for continuation of privilege suspensions for those violating restrictive covenants.

The additional discussions about the Preferred Vendor Program were tabled until the August meeting. Tyler Unsell is expected to be able to attend in August.

The tennis court drainage issue is still being researched and further discussion by the Board will occur once dirt work calculations and costs have been determined.

Mike Howell introduced Jacqui Maiseroulle and Halley Freeman who have indicated interest in serving as Board Members. Jacqui and Halley were given the opportunity to talk about their interests and answer questions from Board Members in attendance.  Their appointment to the Board will be considered in either a Special Board Meeting or the August Board Meeting based on Board Member availability.

New Business:

The Administration Committee proposed a policy regarding Clubhouse and Pool Security Video requests – Copies of security video will only be provided in response to requests from law enforcement or other similar authorities. After discussion, this policy was approved by the Board.

Ken Emerson updated Board Members on the trespassing and damage incident that occurred in the pool and pool area on the night of July 4th.  The Platte County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the incident and will be reporting their findings.

Committee Reports:

Administration – Siobhann Williams will be working with Sherri Smith and Carol Franklin on the Operations Manual.

Clubhouse – Everything is progressing well.

Community Relations – The July 4th event was well attended with lots of positive feedback from the community members. The new Community Relations Committee in conjunction with the Social Committee will review the activity schedule for potential changes or adjustments for the remainder of the year.

Finance – The Association accountant will be making some changes on the fixed asset schedule for the association.

Grounds – Everything is progressing with the dryer than normal weather.

Pools – The pool is continuing to operate and seems to be attended at a higher rate than in recent years.

The meeting was adjourned without objection.