The August meeting of the Walnut Creek South Homes Association was convened at the clubhouse at 7:00 pm on August 11, 2016, by Ken Emerson, Board President. Board Members in attendance were Carol Arnold, Joe Bichler, Joe Blount, Ken Emerson, Alex Hodges, Mike Howell, Phil Latessa and Bernice Motts.  Not in attendance was Ken Finke. Minutes from the June 2016 Board Meeting and July 2016 Board Meeting were approved.

A representative from the Red Cross presented information on Red Cross activities and programs to recruit volunteers for various types of Red Cross activities. She agreed to provide information in a format that can be included in our newsletters and website.

Member Joe Smith inquired about restriction violations and the procedure to correct the violations. The pool reduced the hours when school resumed session. He would have liked to have seen the reduced pool hours communicated earlier to the members. Mr. Smith also inquired about the Swim Team Scholarship program that the Association offered to first year resident swimmers.

Swim Team Representatives Stephanie Wickerham and Mary Wissman gave a summary of the 2016 Team season. Mr. Smith offered his past experience to help the Swim Team. The team grew to from 92 members in 2015 to 113 members in 2016. Most importantly, Walnut Creek member swimmers grew from 30 swimmers in 2015 to 42 swimmers in 2016. The overall ratio of resident swimmers to non-resident swimmers grew from 33% (2015) to 39% (2016).

The email list is ready to start preparing alerts to be sent to residents.

The Storm Water Grant Funds should be received soon for the completion of the first phase of the Rush Creek Clean-up. The second phase of the Rush Creek Storm Water Grant project has been delayed due to engineering recommendations which will increase costs. Further study and investigation is being done.

The Board approved a motion to suspend membership privileges for the few members failing to comply with requests for compliance with restrictions. County ordinance violation checks will begin during August. This effort involves working with Platte County on ordinance violation identification and enforcement.

After investigation of companies that treat ponds, MAC Water has been selected to not only treat the aquatic and vegetation growth on the ponds, but also to provide analysis of strategies to improve the overall conditions of the ponds. Initial treatments will begin in August.

Contacts have not been completed on the ‘Little Library’ and the discussion was tabled until the September Board Meeting.

The Administration Committee is working with our Office Administrator to evaluate the current use of ‘Quick Books’ for both association member information & accounting, as well as Association corporate accounting. Board Member Alex Hodges will be working with Sherri to study the current processes and identify opportunities for improvements and efficiencies. The Administration Committee will provide a recommendation to the Board on changes.

The Board agreed to have a Board work session at the clubhouse on August 25 to further discuss the potential dues increase for 2017.

Committee Reports were presented and discussed. The Community Meeting was adjourned by motion, second, and unanimous approval.