At 8:00 pm on November 9, 2023, Walnut Creek South Homes Association Members will convene for
our Annual Meeting at the Clubhouse. This meeting was established by the originating documents of the
Homes Association for the purpose of reviewing activities for the year and electing three (3) Members to
serve on the Association Board of Directors for three (3) year terms.

Who Should Attend?
All Members of the Homes Association should attend our Annual Meeting to be aware of the activities and
challenges of the Association. To participate in the Board Member election process, the member home
must be current in their dues account (including all service fees) by 5:00 pm on the day of the Annual
Meeting (November 9, 2023).

Why is it Important for You to Attend?
Whether you are satisfied or not satisfied with the status of the Homes Association, it is important to attend
and contribute your thoughts and vote for one-third of the Association’s 2024 Board of Directors.
Often members who are generally happy with the status of the Homes Association are less likely to attend
a Community Meeting, let alone an Annual Member Meeting. They are just not as motivated to
make the effort and take the time to come to the clubhouse.

Sometimes Members with special agendas can dramatically affect the outcome of the Board Election
when attendance is low at the Annual Meeting. Please attend and let your voice be heard.

How does the Meeting and Election Process Work?
In order to participate in the election process, our originating documents provide that each Member
Home is entitled to One(1) vote during the Board Member Election – this means each member household
will be allowed to cast one (1) vote for each of the four (3) Board Member nominees they feel would
best serve the interests of the Association for the next three years.
Members who are not current in their dues account may attend the meeting but will not be allowed to
participate in the election process.

The Annual Meeting will start at 8:00 p.m. Upon arrival, each Member will be asked to provide identification
and their dues account balance will be checked before ballots are provided. Members will be
asked to hold these ballots until the voting process begins.
The Board will provide an overview of 2023 Association activities – operationally and financially. Members
will be provided an opportunity to express concerns, ideas, or thoughts about the status of the
Homes Association.

At the time of election, nominations for Board Members will be opened to Members in attendance. Once
nominations have been made, each of the nominees will be asked to share about themselves and their
interests in becoming a Board Member. At the end of these introductions, Members will be allowed to
ask nominees about their interest and abilities to work as a Board Member.

Members in attendance with an election ballot will then choose three of the nominees and record their names on the election ballot provided. Ballots will then be collected and counted by an impartial group. Once counting is completed and verified, the four Board Member nominees who received the highest number of votes will be announced. In the event of a tie, Members will use the tiebreaker ballot to determine the final result.

Board Members elected during the Member Annual Meeting will start their three-year terms in
January of 2024.

What are some of the Characteristics of an Effective Board Member?
Being an effective Board Member means much more than attending a meeting once a month.
Each Board Member serves on two (2) Board Committees. These committees meet periodically
to work on projects within their span of control. In addition, Board Members help out other
committees on projects that require more ‘person power’.

Here are some things to look for in an effective Board Member:
–  Actively Involved and Takes Initiative.
–  Concerned about and interested in the overall interests of the community.
–  Willing to work on committees and projects that might not be their first priority.
– Communicates his/her opinions openly in Board discussions.
– Responsive to contacts from the Association office or other Board Members.
– Honest and ethical in their activities.

Please come out and participate in our Annual Meeting and Election on November 9th –
whether you have issues with the direction of the Homes Association … or … if you are generally
happy with the direction of the Homes Association. Please make your voice and vote be
heard !!