Reserving Grounds Facilities & Volleyball Court

Walnut Creek Grounds Facilities including the Shelter Houses and Sand Volleyball Court may be reserved by members in good standing for personal functions. Grounds Facilities are not available for general public use.

Members in good standing may reserve multiple facilities for a single event. For example: Park Shelter House, Sand Volleyball Court, and a Ball Field may be reserved for the same function.

Important: Ground Facilities & Volleyball Court reservations are finalized only when all the following steps are completed!

Steps to complete the reservation:

  • Contact the Association office to check on facility availability and to discuss your need and interest in using the facility / facilities.
  • Print & complete the Grounds Facilities & Volleyball Court Reservation Form.
  • The member reserving the amenity must complete our Waiver of Liability form.
  • The member must visit the Association office and finalize the Grounds Facilities & Volleyball Court reservation and provide our Waiver of Liability.