Based on the Board work session on August 25, an open meeting for Members was held on September 8, 2016, at 7:00 pm. Community members were provided the opportunity to share and discuss their thoughts and suggestions regarding the Board consideration of an increase in member dues for 2017. Active and constructive discussion occurred with good sharing of ideas, constructive concerns expressed by community members, and further information provided by the Board regarding the need to strongly consider an increase in association dues. Additional town hall style meetings regarding the potential dues increase are scheduled for Thursday, September 15, at 7:00 pm and Saturday, September 17, at 3:00 pm.

The September meeting of the Walnut Creek South Homes Association Board of Directors was convened at 8:30 pm by Ken Emerson, Board President. Board Members in attendance were Carol Arnold, Joe Bichler, Ken Emerson, Ken Finke, Alex Hodges, Mike Howell and Phil Latessa. Not in attendance were Joe Blount and Bernice Motts.

The original provider of email services the Association had chosen to use, Constant Contact, is now requesting a monthly service charge for users. We are looking into Mail Chimp as an alternative to handle our email alert activity. Ron Daniel of Firefly Marketing will be contacted to assist with this matter.

No changes in the Storm Water Grants for this year at this time. We are still awaiting re-imbursement from Platte County for Storm Water Grant expenses incurred so far this year.

Restriction violation re-checks have been completed and the Board approved suspension of privileges for members who have not complied with the restrictive covenants. Most members who have been advised of restrictive covenant violations have complied in a timely manner. County ordinance violation checks through the community have been completed and letters requesting compliance with county ordinances have been sent to members. Re-checks are scheduled for the end of September.

Entrance and clubhouse bed re-landscaping plans have been developed and the work should be completed by mid-October. Grasses removed from the entrance beds will be relocated to new beds to be created along the east and north fence lines of the pool.

Initial spraying of the ponds has been completed. MAC Water will re-check the ponds in late September and assess the need for additional surface treatments this year.

The Board will decide on any changes to the member dues level in the October meeting in order for Member Notification as prescribed by our Association documents. This decision will occur after community input from ‘town hall style’ meetings on the subject.

The various Board Committees need to begin evaluating their next year operating budget needs within the next few weeks to prepare for determining the Association operating budget for 2017.

Committee reports were provided. The Community Meeting was adjourned by motion, second, and unanimous approval.