Upcoming Changes to the Newsletter Distribution

The WCSHA would like to announce an important update regarding the distribution of our community newsletter.
We will be transitioning from traditional mailing to a more efficient and environmentally friendly method of newsletter delivery. Instead of receiving a physical copy in your mailbox, the Walnut Creek South newsletter will be sent directly to your email inbox and will also be available for online access. This transition will occur no later than January 1st, 2024.
Here are a few key points to note regarding the transition:
1. Email Delivery: Starting January 1st, 2024, you will receive the Walnut Creek South newsletter directly in your email inbox.
2. Online Availability: In addition to email delivery, the newsletter will be available for online viewing on our official Walnut Creek South Homeowners Association website.
3. Email Registration: To ensure that you receive the newsletter promptly, it is crucial that we have your correct email address on file. If you haven’t already done so, please take a moment to update your contact information by visiting our website at www.wcsha.org and filling out the survey, or by contacting our office via email at office@wcsha.org or call 816-587-8289.
4. Assistance and Support: We understand that transitioning to digital delivery may present some challenges for a few residents. Rest assured, our dedicated team is here to provide assistance and support during this transition. If you require any help with email registration or have any questions regarding the new newsletter delivery format, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our office.


We are excited to announce a significant update to our community management practices! In an effort to streamline communication and improve overall efficiency, the Walnut Creek South Homeowners Association will be implementing the TOPS Neighborhood Management Software.
This will allow us to communicate important updates, share documents, and provide easy access to valuable community resources. Here are just a few advantages you can expect:
1. Simplified Communication: From important announcements to event reminders and neighborhood updates, you’ll receive timely information directly in your email inbox.
2. Enhanced Accessibility: Access community documents, forms, and resources at your convenience.
3. Effortless Account Management: You can update personal details and manage email preferences. It’s your portal to a more efficient and personalized homeownership experience.
4. Community Engagement: Engage with fellow residents through interactive features, such as community forums and event calendars.
5. Online Payment Options: Conveniently manage your HOA dues and make payments online, eliminating the need for paper checks and reducing administrative overhead.

As part of this transition, we kindly request your cooperation in creating your new account on the TOPS system.  First, be sure the office has a good email address for you. Then you will receive an email from Enumerate with detailed instructions on how to get started.

Please keep an eye on your inbox and follow the provided steps to ensure a smooth transition onto the new platform.