The November Community Meeting was called to order by Ken Emerson, Board President, at 7:00 pm on November 8, 2018, at the Walnut Creek Clubhouse. Board Members in attendance were Joe Blount, Gary Droege, Scott Eiken, Ken Emerson, Halley Freeman, Mike Howell, Jacqui Maiseroulle, Tyler Unsell, and Siobhann Williams.

Ken Emerson welcomed all guests. Ken expressed appreciation to Gary & Mary Droege for their help with events at the clubhouse, as well as Carol Arnold and Marty Zirsky for their help with the Annual Meeting.

The Board approved minutes for the October monthly Board Meeting.

Old Business:

Board Members approved a request from the Administration Committee for continuation of privilege suspensions for those violating restrictive covenants.

The Tennis Court Drainage Issue was tabled until the December meeting.

Mike Howell reported both storm water projects (Clubhouse Inlet Repair & Improvement and the Burlington Group’s Bank Reinforcement) are in process and expected to be completed soon.

Mike Howell reported that the pool vandalism had been continued. Two of the three cases were expected to be in court later in November while the third is scheduled for February 2019 .

Tyler Unsell reported he had completed information for potential grant opportunities for help with soccer field development and does not expect to hear more on the possible grant(s) until February, 2019.

The Board approved the 2019 Budget with one modification of moving $6000 from the Pool Operating Budget to the Pool Capital Budget for anticipated 2019 repairs.

New Business:

No requests for 2019 capital projects were presented in the November meeting.

The Finance Committee recommended the closing of our Money Market 2 Account and moving the funds into the Money Market 1 Account. This recommendation was approved by the Board.

Committee Reports:

Administration – The Remote Backup Solution has been installed and seems to be functioning correctly. Paperwork for the 2018 Workers Comp Audit has been received and Sherri will be preparing information for the Audit.

Clubhouse – New Nest Thermostats have been installed for the upstairs Clubhouse. The new thermostats should provide better management of the clubhouse HVAC systems and is another step in controlling operational costs.

Community Relations – The Children’s Christmas Party and the Lighting Contest are scheduled for December 16.

Grounds – Fall turf renovation projects have been completed. Tom Ball from MAC Water is planning on attending the December meeting to update the pond progress.

Pools – Closed for the season!!

The meeting was adjourned without objection.