The November Community Meeting was called to order by Ken Emerson, Board President, at 7:00 pm on November 14, 2019, at the Walnut Creek Clubhouse.  Board Members in attendance were Gary Droege, Ken Emerson, Halley Freeman, Jacqui Maiseroulle and Scott Eiken.  Howard Matteson, Siobhann Williams, Joe Blount and Tyler Unsell were unable to attend.

Ken Emerson welcomed all guests and the Board approved minutes for the October monthly Board Meeting.  Ken also took the opportunity to thank numerous HOA members both named and unnamed who have been of assistance throughout the past year with a special thanks to Sherri for all that she does day to day, without her assistance and dedication the HOA would cease to effectively function.

Old Business:

Board Members approved a request from the Administration Committee for continuation of privilege suspensions for those violating restrictive covenants with one new addition to the previous month.

Ken Emerson reported that the website management updated would be tabled until the next meeting when Tyler Unsell could speak to the issue.

Ken Emerson recommended that the Waste Management Contract be accepted so long as it includes free totes for the recreation areas (pool, park etc.) and that the award of the contract will be revisited at the December meeting.

Ken Emerson announced that the HOA operations expenses for 2019 are expected to land $35K under budget barring any unforeseen expenses through year end.  A motion to accept the 2020 budget passed unanimously.

Committee Reports

Administration:  The Platte County Assessor’s questionnaire and the Workers’ Comp audit is in progress.

Clubhouse:  The front entrance was repainted by a local resident who did an outstanding job, eventually some wood will need replacing due to normal deterioration over time.  The normal maintenance/cleaning of the ice machine was completed and a couple of faucets in the kitchen have been replaced.

Community Relations:  The leftover candy from the Halloween party was donated to the Boy Scouts and the Christmas party will be on December 15th along with the Christmas lighting contest that evening.  The clubhouse needs to be decorated for the Christmas season and the committee will be reaching out for assistance.

Finance:  Account balances exceeded $146K as of October 30th and one of the outstanding liens have been released.

Grounds:  Sprinkler systems have been winterized.

Pools:  The pool was shocked again and will be “super” shocked every 6-8 weeks until opening day.

The meeting was adjourned without objection.