November Board Meeting:   The November meeting of the Walnut Creek South Homes Association Board of Directors was convened at 7:00 pm by Ken Emerson, Board President.  Board Members in attendance were Carol Arnold, Joe Bichler, Joe Blount, Ken Emerson, Ken Finke, Alex Hodges, Mike Howell, Phil Latessa and Bernice Mots.

Ken Emerson welcomed all guests and encouraged everyone to make sure they had signed in and received information for the Annual Meeting to follow the Board Meeting.

The October, 2016, minutes were unanimously approved by the Board.

Restriction Violations: A request by the Administration Committee for continuation of privilege suspensions for restriction violators was approved unanimously by the Board.

Additional Parking Lot Light and LED Conversion of Parking Lot, Pool and Tennis Court Lighting are being considered. Two bids for the project have been obtained and the Association is looking at additional vendors.

Pond Maintenance: MAC Water is scheduled for an onsite visit on Friday to review the progress of treatments and discuss plans for developing a more systemic approach to maintaining the ponds.

The Little Library to be located on NW 58th Terrace is under construction with those involved in its creation and care are working on the project.

The proposed Operation Budget for 2017 was approved unanimously by the Board of Directors. Based on the 2017 operation budget and plan for replenishment of the Home Association reserves, Special Project requests for 2017 will be considered by the 2017 Board after January 1, 2017.

Ken Emerson reported on discussion with the Platte County Special Road District regarding some storm water improvements along 57th Terrace, 58th Terrace, and their intersection at Raintree Drive.  Stormwater collection inlets at the Raintree Drive intersection have been enlarged to increase capacity for handling drainage during significant rain events. An approach to capturing ‘underground spring’ drainage along the lower north side of NW 57th Terrace is being considered.  Discussions have also included water run-off and erosion at the bottom on Michael’s Cove and improvements will be made (hopefully) in the spring of 2017.

Joe Bichler expressed concern about storm water drainage in yards bounded by Raintree Court, Raintree Drive, and Verlin Drive.  Based on the topography of the area and the lack of a system to handle storm water, Joe asked if this issue might be considered by the Association for potential solutions.  Ken Emerson commented on the option of a Storm Water Grant from Platte County which, if approved, would require affected homeowners to share the costs of 20% of the project to solve the drainage problem.  Ken went on to say that this project was considered by the Board previously and not all affected homeowners were willing to share in the costs of the solution.  Joe Bichler volunteered to work with the property owners to determine their current interest and willingness to financially participate in the project.

The Administration Committee reported they will be working on the policy for conforming with Nonprofit Corporation State Statutes regarding information availability to members and working towards an office systems conversion for 2017 for handling of member information and association accounting.

The Community Relations Committee reported they are planning for the 2016 Christmas Party.

The November Board Meeting was adjourned at 7:35 pm.

Annual Member Meeting:  The 2016 Annual Member Meeting was convened at 8:00 pm by Ken Emerson, President, of the Walnut Creek Homes Association Board of Directors.  Ken welcomed all community members and provided a preview of the meeting agenda and activities.

Joe Blount provided a review of the 2016 Community Improvements and Activities.

Ken Emerson provided a review of the 2016 Financials including each of the main operational budget categories and sub-categories to which expenses are assigned, as well as a review of the 2016 Special Projects.

Mike Howell provided information on the Board organization and how Board Members are expected to contribute to the community.

Nominations for Board Members with terms to begin in January, 2017, were requested. Several community members were nominated and accepted nomination for the Board.  Each nominee was then asked to introduce themselves, provide a statement of their interest, and respond to questions from members in attendance.

Members in attendance were then asked to use the provided election ballot to vote for their choice of three (3) Board Members to serve in terms beginning in 2017 in accordance with the guidelines and rules established in Association Documents. Completed ballots were collected and moved to the Association Office for counting by member volunteers and the Office Manager.  During the initial ballot count it was discovered that more ballots had been submitted than should have been submitted based on the member count.

Ken Emerson, Board President, voided the first ballot and called for a second ballot. New ballot forms were distributed based on the attendance list, completed by members, and re-submitted.  Ken Finke announced the results of the ballot count.  Two of the three New Board Members were elected during this balloting with the third Board Member position resulting in a tie.  Members were then asked to use their ‘tie breaker’ ballot to select the third Board Member.

Joe Blount, Scott Eiken, and Siobhann Williams were elected to fill the Board Member positions with three (3) year terms beginning in January, 2017.

Ken Emerson welcomed the newly elected Board Members and thanked the attending community members who participated in the 2016 Annual Member meeting.

The 2016 Annual Meeting was adjourned by unanimous consent.