The July meeting of the Walnut Creek South Homes Association was convened at the clubhouse at 7:00 pm on July 14, 2016, by Ken Emerson, Board President. Board members in attendance were Carol Arnold, Joe Bichler, Joe Blount, Ken Emerson, Ken Finke, Mike Howell, Bernice Motts, Alex Hodges, and Phil Latessa.

Member Joe Smith reported that Mark Edward Tredennick, a past resident of Walnut Creek now residing in Austin, Texas, passed away on June 30.  Joe also expressed concern about the need for an emergency exit across the old dam for the lower section of Walnut Creek; putting up safety posting in the park area cautioning of rodents and reptiles in the park area after a flooding event; and more transparency on financials including itemizing special projects, listing assets such as CD’s and Money Market accounts, and suggested an audit of Association accounting.

Minutes from the June 2016 Board Meeting were approved.

An email list for notification of alerts and reminders is being compiled and should be available for usage in August.

Storm Water Grant reimbursements from Platte County Storm Water Grant Program are being prepared for Phase One of the Rush Creek Cleanup Project and the completed Raintree Project.

Restriction violations have been greatly reduced and most members are cooperating with the restriction enforcement efforts. The Board approved a motion to suspend membership privileges for members failing to comply with restrictions.

County ordinance violation notifications will begin soon. Those with County Ordinance violations will be notified of the violation and requested to make the needed corrections.  If not corrected, the violation will be referred to Platte County for additional action.

At the request of a member, the Board is investigating creation of a ‘Little Library’ near the clubhouse. Additional information needs to be gathered and someone who is willing to ‘manage’ the Little Library needs to be identified.  Further discussion will occur in the August Board Meeting.

Board committees provided reports and updates on current activities with the following highlights:

Plans to improve the conditions of the ponds near Seminole and Indian Hill are underway with expected start in August. (Grounds)

Plans to revise and improve the plantings at the entrances and clubhouse are being developed. (Grounds)

A review and trending of Association revenue and expenses over the last 5 years expenses is being developed. (Finance)

A community outing in the fall at the park shelter house, playground, and ball field is being discussed. (Community Relations)

The annual Luau and Labor Day Pool functions are being planned. (Pools & Community Relations)

The Community Meeting was adjourned by motion, second, and unanimous approval.