The July Community Meeting was called to order by Ken Emerson, Board President, at 7:00 pm on Thursday, July 13, 2017 at the Walnut Creek Clubhouse.  Board Members in attendance were Joe Bichler, Ken Emerson, Ken Finke, Alex Hodges, Mike Howell and Phil Latessa. Board Members Joe Blount, Scott Eiken, Ken Finke and Siobhann Williams were unable to attend.

Ken Emerson welcomed all guests.

Community Member Joe Smith encouraged the Board to continue efforts on restriction and county ordinance enforcement commenting that homes in the neighborhood are selling quickly – in some cases below market. Joe also suggested continuing providing information on Platte County Senior Services and Senior Fund.

The Board approved minutes for the June 15 Monthly Board Meeting and minutes for the June 20 Special Board Meeting.

Old Business:

The Administration Committee reported on restriction and ordinance violation activity. Board Members approved a request for continuation of privilege suspensions for those violating restrictive covenants.

Ken Emerson reported the Clubhouse HVAC replacement project was completed on-time and within budget without disruption to clubhouse / pool activities. He expressed appreciation to Wilson Mechanical for their responsiveness and quality of work.

Mike Howell reported on association communication activities and provided some usage information for the website and activity alerts.

New Business:

The Administrative Committee recommended to other Board Committees to start a conversation about possible future special projects within their spans of control that might be needed for the remainder of 2017 and in preparation of 2018 budget discussions.

Committee Reports:

Administration – Continued work is being done on the office operations manual. Mike Howell and Sherri Smith will be meeting to discuss improvements to activity planning during each month.

Clubhouse – Members discussed the walk through schedule and processes to make sure Board Members understand what the walk through entails.

Community Relations – The postponed July 4th cookout went well on July 8th with help from Board Members and community members including Carol Arnold and Carol Franklin.  The July Movie Night was well attended considered the heat spell.  Attendees reported needed a light blanket after the sun went down!  Plans are being made for a Back to School event at the Park Shelter House on July 26th at 4:00 pm.  A petting zoo, games, and activities are in the works.  Plans are also being completed for the Labor Day Cookout at the Pool.  Phil Latessa expressed appreciation to the Social Committee Members for their ideas and assistance.

Finance – Ken Emerson reported that the Association was close to being on track with the cash flow projections for 2017.

Grounds – MAC Water is continuing chemical treatments to the ponds and providing feedback on the chemical analysis being conducted. The ponds will look worse before they start looking better for the future.  Alex Hodges completed the Little Library and has installed it on his property on 58th Terrace.  Residents and their children are encouraged to take advantage of the books.

Pools – The pool is continuing to operate well except for a few closures based on children’s accidents in the pool requiring cleaning and a chemical application response rendering the pool unusable for a period of time. The Pool Committee is making sure guards will be available to staff the back to school reduced hours schedule.

The meeting was adjourned without objection.