President Jacqueline Maiseroulle called to order the regular monthly meeting of the Walnut Creek South Homes Association on Thursday, January 14, 2021 at 7:00 P. M. at the Association Clubhouse. Board members in attendance were Halley Freeman, Carol Franklin, Jay McMinn, Jacqueline Maiseroulle, Carly Rouse, Tyler Unsell, and Kim Wilhoite. Unable to attend were Carol Arnold, and Josh Owenby. Also in attendance was Office Manager Sherri Smith. Members were provided with an agenda for the meeting (Attachment 200114-1). Due to the Platte County Covid19 Guidelines, the meeting was restricted to 10 persons.
President Jacqueline Maiseroulle opened the meeting by welcoming the new board members.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES – Halley Freeman made a motion to accept the December 10, 2020 regular meeting minutes, seconded by Jay McMinn. The motion passed with (3) three abstained.

ADDITIONS TO THE AGENDA – There was an addition of pond critters.

Restrictions Privileges Suspension – Jacqueline Maiseroulle made a motion to suspend membership privileges on the existing non-compliant homes, seconded by Tyler Unsell. The motion passed unanimously. (Attachment 200114-2).
Large Lien Holders – A judgment was filed on one of the long-term lien holders.
Clubhouse Operations – Carol Franklin stated that the clubhouse committee is recommending that the clubhouse be closed through April the 8th.

Video Board meetings – After discussion, Tyler Unsell made a motion that we live stream the board meetings, seconded by Kim Wilhoite. The motion failed with (2) two in favor, (1) one abstained, and (3) three against.

Pond Critters – Jacqueline Maiseroulle stated that we have beavers causing problems at our ponds. It is legal for trapping through February. After discussion, Jacqueline Maiseroulle made a motion to allow trappers to trap free of charge at the ponds, seconded by Carol Franklin. The motion passed with (5) five in favor, (1) one against, and (1) one abstained.
Committee Reports were presented and discussed.

At 8:33 P.M Jacqueline Maiseroulle made a motion the meeting be adjourned, seconded by Tyler Unsell. The motion passed unanimously.