The February Community Meeting was called to order by Ken Emerson, Board President, at 7:00 pm on Thursday, February 9, 2017 at the Walnut Creek Clubhouse.

Board Members in attendance were Joe Blount, Joe Bichler, Scott Eiken, Ken Emerson, Mike Howell and Siobhann Williams. Board Members Ken Finke, Alex Hodges, and Phil Latessa were unable to attend.

Community member Joe Smith provided thoughts to the Board on a number of topics including the School Bond proposal on the April election ballot, values of Platte County senior services organizations, concerns about the escalating prices of utilities, observations about the appearance of some of the properties in the community and the benefits of having more information about the demographics of our neighborhood.

The Board approved minutes for the January 2017 Board Meeting.

Old Business:

Board Members approved a request for continuation of privilege suspensions for those violating restrictive covenants.

Mike Howell reported that letters have been sent to selected homeowners and an article was placed in the Jan / Feb Newsletter regarding formation of a Social Committee. At the time of the Board Meeting, two (2) members have responded with interest in participating on the Social Committee.

Mike Howell reported an additional bid has been received for the additional parking lot light and conversion of outside pole lights to LED. Another bid is expected within a few days.

New Business:

The Administration Committee proposed a change to the Rules & Regulations reflecting the increased dues assessment for 2017. (All changes to the Rules & Regulations must have Board approval.)  The proposed change was approved by the Board.

Ken Emerson provided Board Members with his cash flow projections for 2017 and discussed some of the methods for developing the cash flow report. Siobhann Williams asked about budgeting for Special Projects.  Since no Special Projects have been approved for 2017, Special Projects are not included in the 2017 budget at this time.  As Special Projects are approved, additions to the overall Association Budget will be completed.  Williams suggested developing an overall list of potential projects Board Members feel need to be considered.

Mike Howell presented a Town Hall Meeting idea to the Board of Directors to provide another outlet for community members to learn about issues / topics that affect the Walnut Creek community and to have another forum to ask questions about Homes Association operations.  The Board supports the concept and discussed the best time to offer this type of session.  The first 2017 Town Hall Meeting will be scheduled for a Sunday afternoon in late March or early April.  The Town Hall topic is planned to be a Realtor Roundtable with Realtors available to provide suggestions of how to keep property values up in our neighborhood and how to project those efforts to the outside world.

Joe Blount proposed the Board continue supporting the Swim Team in 2017 by continuing our swim team scholarship program which subsidizes fees for new first time Walnut Creek swimmers and a lesser subsidy for returning second year swimmers.  Costs for these subsidies have been partially offset by non-member fees for swim team swimmers who do not live in Walnut Creek.  Based of the success of these subsidies in the past two (2) years, the Board of Directors approved continuing the program for 2017.

Committee Reports:

Administration – Updated the Board on the TOPS / QuickBooks conversion, Restrictions / Ordinance Enforcement Activities and other plans for 2017.

Clubhouse – Work is being done to repair and rejuvenate the wood floor and the remainder of the clubhouse inside lighting has been converted to LED fixtures. The front doors and back windows are being evaluated as to need for replacement.  Ken Emerson will be contacting the Sewer District regarding changes in sewer bill calculations.

Community Relations – No report.

Finance – the 2015 Accountant Compilation Report has been approved and we are awaiting final copies. Tax information to 2016 is being prepared for submission to our accountant.

Grounds – Vendors have been approved for the major grounds maintenance issues. Projects are underway to identify:  a better way to secure the Porta Potty at the park; current problems and needs for playground equipment replacement; a solution for park trail fencing, erosion control, storm water drainage and ongoing maintenance for the trail at the park; ball field maintenance and utilization.

Pools – Efforts to staff the pool operations for the summer and needs for repairs / updates to the pool and surrounding area for the 2017 season are underway.

The Community Meeting was adjourned without objection.