The February Community Meeting was called to order by Alex Hodges, Board Vice President, at 7:10 pm on Thursday, February 8, 2018 at the Walnut Creek Clubhouse.  Board Members in attendance were Joe Blount, Gary Droege, Scott Eiken, Alex Hodges, Mike Howell, Tyler Unsell, and Siobhann Williams.  Board Members Ken Emerson and Phil Latessa were unable to attend.

Alex Hodges welcomed all guests. A community member in attendance requested an update on the tennis court storm water drainage control activity.  The Board will provide information during the meeting.

The Board approved minutes for the January monthly Board Meeting.

Additions to the Agenda: Tyler Unsell requested a conversation about a neighborhood preferred vendor program be added to the agenda under New Business.

Old Business:

Board Members approved a request from the Administration Committee for continuation of privilege suspensions for those violating restrictive covenants.

Board Members were reminded that if they were unable to complete their clubhouse walk through on their assigned date(s), it is the Board Member’s responsibility to find another Board Member to complete the walk through and to notify the office of the change.

Mike Howell provided an update on potential storm water grants and projects as follows:

The Burlington Group is preparing a grant application and has asked for Homes Association sponsorship. This grant will not require any financial contribution by the Homes Association. The Grant Application is to be presented during the March Board Meeting.

Additional bids for concrete repairs and improvement to the clubhouse storm water inlet and the proposed storm water control for drainage from the tennis court are in process. The clubhouse storm water inlet repairs and improvements qualify for submission to the Platte County Storm Water Grant Program and would require a contribution from the Homes Association.  The Board provided general support to the project and the grant application will be completed and submitted for Board approval in the March meeting.

The tennis court runoff issue does not meet the storm water grant program and would need to be financed by the homes association. Once the costs (concrete, dirt work, seeding) are estimated, the Board will be provided with the information and determine whether it should be approved and included in 2018 projects.

The Administration Committee is discussing developing a policy for Document Retention, Storage, Security, and Distribution. Board Members were invited to provide their thoughts and ideas on this subject to the Administration Committee in writing.

Board Members were reminded of the request for their ideas on repair and improvement projects that should be included in a master list of potential projects for the homes association.

New Business:

The Pool Committee requested two changes to the Homes Association Rules and Regulations to be effective immediately as follows:

Change 1: The wading pool is for use only by children age 5 and under who are supervised by their parent or guardian and that the wading pool area would be limited to 10 children and their parent / guardian at one time.   After discussion, the Board approved this change to the Rules & Regulations.

Change 2: Children age 9 and under will not be admitted to the pool unless accompanied by someone age 15 or older who has not been subject to disciplinary actions by the pool staff during the current season.  If the person providing supervision for the underage swimmer leaves, so must the underage swimmer.  After discussion, the Board approved this change to the Rules & Regulations.

These changes will be incorporated into the Homes Association Rules & Regulations.

Tyler Unsell initiated a discussion about identifying service providers who would be willing to provide discounts to Walnut Creek customers as an additional service to our community.  The Board was generally supportive of this idea and talked about elements to be considered in putting together this type of program.   The Community Relations Committee will lead the investigation into how best to develop this activity.

Committee Reports:

Administration – Any information for Newsletter publication needs to be provided by February 15.

Clubhouse – Committee has met and is working on a list of needed issues with the clubhouse.

Community Relations – Committee will be meeting to discuss upcoming activities.

Finance – Committee is planning a meeting.

Grounds – 2018 vendors have been approved and spring plans have been developed.

Pools – Committee is working on 2018 season staffing plans.

The meeting was adjourned without objection.