The December Community Meeting was called to order by Ken Emerson, Board President, at 7:00 pm on Thursday, December 8, 2016 at the Walnut Creek Clubhouse.

Board Members in attendance were Joe Blount, Ken Emerson, Ken Finke, Mike Howell, and Bernice Mots. Board Members-elect Scott Eiken and Siobhann Williams were also in attendance.

Ken Emerson welcomed all guests and expressed appreciation to Carol Arnold and Bernice Mots for their service on the Board and contributions to our community.

Joe Smith provided information to the Board on TextCaster as a method of providing text alerts to our community, the upcoming school district bond issue, and 38 acres zoned multi-family for sale at South Crooked Road and NW Raintree Drive.

Old Business:

The Administration Committee updated the Board on Restrictions violation activity and the Board unanimously approved suspension of privileges for those with outstanding unresolved violations.

Mike Howell reported that bids are still being solicited for an additional parking lot light and upgrade of existing parking lot lighting, pool lighting, and tennis court lighting to LED.

The Grounds Committee reported that MAC Water will be conducting some testing of pond water and sediment over the winter as part of developing a long term strategy for reducing algae and plant growth in the ponds.

Though unable to attend the meeting, Alex Hodges provided information on the Little Library progress. The structure has been built and will be painted.  He is waiting for the early spring to install the Little Library at the NW 58th Terrace location.

The Administration Committee provided an update on state nonprofit reporting requirements which affect Walnut Creek Board activities. The Association is meeting the requirements in the reporting of financial information and retaining records of activities such as Board Meeting Minutes.  The Board will need to start maintaining records of activities and actions of Board Committees. A sample committee meeting report prepared by Joe Blount for the last Administration Committee meeting was provided as a sample.

The Committee will work on a more detailed policy on Board and Committee reporting.

In response to requests from community members, The Administration Committee is recommending changes to the financial summaries included in Association Newsletters. These changes will take effect in the 2017 newsletters.

The Administration Committee provided a liability waiver form to be added to the clubhouse, pool, shelter house, and ball field usage agreements.

New Business:

Mike Howell reported that bids are being gathered for replacement of one of the clubhouse front windows that was damaged during mowing. The mowing company is taking responsibility for a cost of replacement.

The Administration Committee presented a Special Project Request in the amount of up to $1500.00 to fund the costs of upgrading our TOPS HOA Management software. In 2017, the office will begin using TOPS for our homes association member management and QuickBooks for corporate accounting.  The Special Project Request was approved unanimously.

Ken Emerson presented a proposal for Board Committee organization for 2017. The Committee proposal was approved unanimously by the Board.  2017 Board Committees were encouraged to include in their committee activities community members who have expressed interest in specific committees.

The Board discussed officer positions for 2017. The Board approved the following slate of officers for 2017:  Ken Emerson (President), Alex Hodges (Vice President), Joe Blount (Treasurer), and Michael Howell (Secretary).

Mike Howell volunteered to work on building an Association Social Committee to work with Community Relations in 2017.

Committee Reports were provided.

The Community Meeting was adjourned by unanimous consent.