The December Community Meeting was called to order by Ken Emerson, Board President, at 7:00 pm on Thursday, December 14, 2017 at the Walnut Creek Clubhouse.  Board Members in attendance were Joe Blount, Scott Eiken, Ken Emerson, Ken Finke, Mike Howell and Siobhann Williams.  Board Members Gary Droege, Alex Hodges and Phil Latessa were unable to attend.

Ken Emerson welcomed all guests.

Community Member Lisa Eiken suggested the Board encourage community members to get involved with Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) for Platte / Clay Counties.  Lisa recently completed the CERT training which provided education on emergency response to various types of issues – flooding, tornados, fire, etc.  The program is designed to empower those who complete the training to assist with various aspects of emergency response.  Lisa suggested our community would benefit from having a number of CERT trained residents in our neighborhood and volunteered to provide information on the training to any interested individuals.  The Board expressed support to Lisa’s suggestion and offer to assist.

The Board approved minutes for the November Monthly Board Meeting and November Annual Meeting.

Old Business:

Tom Ball, Solutions Manager with MAC Water Technologies provided information to the Board on approach, treatments and effect of 2018 chemical treatments to control algae and vegetation growth in the ponds near Seminole and Indian Hills Drive. MAC Water has been treating these ponds since August of 2016.  In 2016 the vegetation buildup on the ponds was tremendous and their treatments were designed to ‘kill’ the vegetation growth.

In 2017, the treatments changed to impact the pond water environment to reduce the buildup of vegetation. Vegetation growth conditions are enhanced by decaying plant matter within the pond, excess nitrogen (often from runoff from adjacent yards or land), circulation / oxygenation and the amount of ‘sludge’ (not necessarily silt) on the floor of the pond.  2017 treatments have targeted a biological approach to changing the pond water chemistry without affecting the wildlife within the aquatic environment.

Tom provided information to the Board on the pond maintenance approaches. MAC  Water Technologies’ recommendation for 2018 is to continue utilizing a bio-chemical approach to bring the ponds back to an attractive, healthy condition.

Board Member Ken Finke provided his Board resignation effective the end of 2017 based on health reasons. The Board expressed their appreciation to Ken for his efforts and contributions to our community.

The Administration Committee introduced Tyler Unsell as a potential Board Member replacement to complete the remainder of Ken Finke’s term. Board Members and Tyler were offered the opportunity to ask questions and discuss issues relating to Tyler’s possible appointment.  A motion to appoint Tyler Unsell was presented to the Board and approved. Tyler will begin his Board activities effective January 1, 2018.

Board Members approved a request from the Administration Committee for continuation of privilege suspensions for those violating restrictive covenants.

Ken Emerson reported the work on repairing / protecting the multipurpose court has been completed. A long term solution to the cracks and surface damage will need to be evaluated in the Spring.

New Business:

The Board reviewed the Swim Team subsidy program that has been in effect for the past two years. After discussion, the subsidy program for 2018 has been revised to subsidize first year swimmers with $100 and second year swimmers with $50 towards swim team membership costs.

Mike Howell reported that a couple of projects are being considered for the 2018 Platte County Storm Water Grant Program. These projects will be brought to the Board for approval prior to Grant Application submittal.

The Board reviewed the proposed Community Relations Activity schedule for 2018 from the Community Relations and Social Committees. After discussion, the schedule was approved as presented.

A recommendation for 2018 Board Committees was presented to the Board. After discussion, the Committee structure recommendation was approved by the Board.

The Board discussed Board Officers for 2018. After discussion, a motion was made to re-appoint the Board Officers for 2017 to the same officer positions for 2018.  The motion was approved.  2018 Board Officers will be Ken Emerson (President), Alex Hodges (Vice President), Joe Blount (Treasurer) and Mike Howell (Secretary).

Committee Reports:

Administration – The Worker’s Comp Audit has been completed and resulting additional charges have been paid and charged to 2017. The Administration Committee recommends that the Clubhouse Committee review the Clubhouse usage rules to limit events from starting during office hours.

Clubhouse –

Community Relations –

Finance – Finance is planning on looking at budgeting efficiencies and controls with the goal of better financial planning.

Grounds – Real Christmas trees can be deposited in the clubhouse parking lot prior to January 7. All decorations must be removed.  The trees will be picked up and disposed.

Pools – The Pool is closed for the season.

Ken Emerson asked all Board Members to identify needs for improvements / upgrades / projects by the Homes Association so that an overall list of projects can be developed and prioritized.

The meeting was adjourned without objection.