Winter Landscape Ideas

Absolutely!!  Normally at this time of the year we would be thinking about winter watering, but this year has seen perfect amounts of precipitation.  So instead, let’s talk about the various ways to get ready for Spring.

In the coming months we will inevitably have a week when the temps are in the 40’s to 50’s — this is a great time to prepare!  These few days of respite are perfect to get a little gardening in.

Take this opportunity to cut back roses, established liriope, grasses, and any perennials left for winter interest.  It is time for hard pruning on shrubs that need to rejuvenate, like barberry or spirea; shape them like a ball for the best look.  “Thirding”, where you remove one third of the eldest branches from a woody shrub, like viburnum or dogwood, is better performed while the plant is dormant.  Remember though, don’t trim any spring bloomers, unless you have to.

It is also time to feed your evergreens.  An application of mir-acid, or holly-tone will brighten your greens, help ward off bugs, and strengthen you plants come Spring.

Now that I have filled up your to-do list, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any of your gardening questions.  (Email)   or  (Call/Text) 816- 868-5149.

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Laurie Troppito

“i dig design”

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