Platte County Ordinances

Article I, Section 400.090:  Outside Storage:  Storage, parking, assembly, fabrication or manufacture of any vehicles, trailers, pieces of equipment (irrespective of whether any of the foregoing are in operable or inoperable condition), material, inventory or goods or property of any nature whatsoever for a period of time exceeding seven (7) consecutive days, either for hire or as part of or in any manner in connection with the carrying on of any business enterprise or commercial endeavor.  Outside Storage shall be permitted only as an accessory use and only in Highway Commercial Districts and in Planned Industrial districts.

Article I, Section 400.090:  Home Occupation: An occupation or profession carried on by the inhabitants of a dwelling unit which is clearly incidental and secondary to the use of the dwelling unit for dwelling purposes, which does not change the character thereof and which is conducted entirely within the main or accessory buildings.  No trading in merchandise shall be allowed, no mechanical equipment shall be used or activity conducted which creates any noise, dust, odor or electrical disturbance beyond the confines of the lot on which the occupation is conducted and no exterior storage of materials or equipment shall be permitted.  The conducting of a beauty or barbershop, restaurant, rest home, clinic, doctor or dentist office, child care center, tourist home, cabinet ship, or metal or auto repair shop shall not be deemed a home occupation.

Article I, Section 400.090:  Junk Yard: An area of land with or without buildings used for the deposit, collection or storage, outside a completely enclosed building, of used or discarded materials such as chemicals, road construction materials, appliances, wastepaper, rags or scrap material; or used building materials, house furnishings, machinery, vehicles or parts thereof with or without the dismantling, processing, salvage, sale or other use or disposition of the same.  A deposit or the storage on a plot of two (2) or more wrecked vehicles for one (1) week or more in a residential district, or for three (3) weeks or more in any other district shall be deemed a JUNKYARD.”

Article III, Section 400.380, Sub-Section D10, Nuisance “Any condition conducive to the breeding of rodents or insects or any other dangerous, noxious, injurious or objectionable condition, substance or element which would create any hazard to the public health, peace or comfort or to hinder the appropriate use of land shall be prohibited.”

Article V, Section 400.660, Sub-Section B, Parking: “For one and two-family dwellings, parking shall be restricted to customary passenger cars and motor vehicles of less than twenty (20) feet in length and having a chassis rated at one (1) ton or less, and only one of the following: an unoccupied camper trailer or recreational vehicle, a motor boat or a sailing boat.  Such vehicles must be parked on driveways relating to the garage or carport and paved in accordance with Section 400.620.”

Article V, Section 400.620, Parking: “Off street parking, loading areas and driveways shall be graded and improved with a surface that is the same as the road surface which the off street parking, loading area, or driveway accesses, except for lots that are larger than 2 acres that are used for agricultural or single family residential purposes, unless the entity responsible for maintenance of the road which the driveway accesses specifies otherwise.  At a minimum any off street parking, loading area or driveway surfaces shall be a gravel surface and must be ready for use prior to issuance of a certificate of occupancy.  All parking areas, dwellings, garages and carports shall be accessed by a driveway.”

Article V, Section 400.660, Parking: “No parking area or driveway serving one and two family dwellings shall be located within two feet of an adjoining lot line.  Parking areas or customary driveways in the required yards abutting streets shall not exceed 35 percent (35%) of the area of those yards for one and two family dwelling”

Weeds: Article III, Section 400.530, “Weed Ordinance” For purposes of this section, “Weeds” shall include:

  • Dense growth of wild shrubbery, trees with a trunk that is less than 1 ½” in diameter measured at a height of 42” above grade, brush and/or woody vines, regardless of height, having stems or trunks less than four inches in diameter;
  • noxious or poisonous plants, including but not limited to poison ivy, poison oak or poison sumac, at any height or state of maturity;
  • plants which bear or may bear seeds of a downy or winged nature;
  • plants and/or indigenous grasses which attain such large growth as to become, when dry, a fire menace to adjacent improved property;
  • vegetation and/or grasses which, because of its height, has a blighting effect on the neighborhood;

Any such vegetation or grasses shall be presumed to be blighting if they exceed twelve inches in height.

The term “weed” shall not include cultivated trees, plants, bushes or shrubbery of any height nor stock which has been purchased at a nursery.”

Article III, Section 400.530, Sub-section B,  goes on to state, Declaration of Nuisance, “Weeds, as defined in Section 1 of this ordinance, which are allowed to stand at any season of the year upon any lot, tract or parcel of land or unpaved alley, or along the sidewalk, street or paved alley adjacent to such lot, tract or parcel of land, are hereby declared to constitute a nuisance.  This section shall not apply to land zoned or used for agricultural use which is more than 250 feet distant from any dwelling (whether intended for single or multiple family occupancy), dwelling unit, modular home, and mobile home.

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