Keeping Up The Neighborhood

The February newsletter provided a summary of property restrictions which are intended to help keep up our neighborhood.  If you need a copy of the restrictions that apply to your property, contact the Association Office at 587-8289.

Platte County has established ordinances that help protect communities such as ours from conditions, which detract from the neighborhood.  In this newsletter we are providing a summary of the County ordinances that apply to Walnut Creek.

Enforcement of these ordinances is initiated by reports from County citizens.  If you are concerned about a property being in violation of County ordinances and wish to request the county’s help in resolving the problem, please contact the Platte County Department of Planning and Zoning at (816) 858-3338 to request assistance.

Sometimes we are reluctant to talk with a neighbor about an unsightly condition, and even more reticent to contact an enforcement entity about the problem.  We don’t want to create a conflict.  As always, the Homes Association encourages neighbors to resolve problems by talking things out.  If that does not work, then you are encouraged to take assertive action and contact the appropriate enforcement agency.

If a neighbor allows an unsightly condition to persist on their property, that neighbor is demonstrating a lack of consideration for your property’s value and your neighborhood.  If you feel the problem needs to be corrected, initiate a complaint.

Please keep in mind, the County will only take action in cases of clear violations, and the problem may not be resolved just because the County gets involved.   But, we must all make every effort possible to do our part in “keeping up the neighborhood”.

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