County Ordinances You Should Know About

The following summarizes some of the County’s Ordinances that apply to lots and homes in Walnut Creek.  The Article and Section numbers refer to the Platte County Zoning Orders.

Outside Storage of Business Vehicles, Materials, and Equipment

OUTSIDE STORAGE is not permitted in Walnut Creek.  Outside Storage is storage, parking, assembly, fabrication, or manufacture of any vehicles, trailers, pieces of equipment (irrespective of whether any of the foregoing are in operable or inoperable condition), material, inventory or goods or property of any nature whatsoever for a period of time exceeding seven (7) consecutive days, either for hire or as part of or in any manner in connection with the carrying on of any business enterprise or commercial endeavor.  (Article I, Section 400.090)

HOME OCCUPATIONS are permitted in Walnut Creek provided they conform to the following conditions:  No trading in merchandise shall be allowed, no mechanical equipment shall be used or activity conducted, which creates any noise, dust, odor or electrical disturbances beyond the confines of the lot on which the occupation is conducted, and no exterior storage of materials or equipment shall be permitted.  (Article I, Section 400.090)

Outside Storage of Discarded Materials, Household Furnishings, Machinery, and Vehicles

JUNK YARDS are not permitted in Walnut Creek.  A Junk Yard is defined as an area of land used for deposit, collection or storage, outside a completely enclosed building, of used or discarded materials such as chemicals, road construction materials, appliances, wastepaper, rags or scrap material; or used building materials, house furnishings, machinery, vehicles or parts thereof with or without the dismantling, processing, salvage, sale or other use or disposition of the same.  A deposit or the storage on a plot of two (2) or more wrecked or broken down vehicles or parts of two (2) or more such vehicles for one (1) week or more in a Residential District, or for three (3) weeks or more in any other district shall be deemed a Junk Yard.  (Article I, Section 400.090)

Overgrown Weeds and Vegetation

Plants, grasses or vegetation which are allowed to exceed twelve (12) inches in height and, which, because of its height, has a blighting effect on the neighborhood are not permitted on any lot in Walnut Creek.  The ordinance excludes cultivated trees, plants, bushes, nor shrubbery of any height or to stock purchased at a nursery.  (Article III, Section 400.530)

Off-Street Parking

All open off-street parking areas shall be graded and improved with a surface that is consistent with the road surface which the off-street parking area accesses.  (Article V, Section 400.620

All driveways in Walnut Creek must have a surface that is consistent with the road surface type the driveway accesses.  (Article V, Section 400.620)

For one and two-family dwellings, parking shall be restricted to customary passenger cars and motor vehicles of less than twenty (20) feet in length and having a chassis rated at one (1) ton or less, and only one of the following:  an unoccupied camper trailer or recreational vehicle, a motor boat or a sailing boat.  Such vehicles must be parked on driveways relating to the garage or carport and paved in accordance with Section 7.  (Article V, Section 400.660, Sub-Section B)


Any condition conducive to the breeding of rodents or insects or any other dangerous, noxious, injurious or objectionable condition, substance or element which would create any hazard to public health, peace or comfort or to hinder the appropriate use of land is prohibited in Walnut Creek.  (Article III, Section 400.380, Sub-Section D10)

For more information or to report violations to these ordinances, contact the Platte County Planning & Zoning Department at (816) 858-3380

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