The Board of Directors meeting on April 14, 2016 was called to order by President Ken Emerson with  all board members in attendance.  All guests were welcomed  and minutes of the previous meeting were approved as submitted.

Mr. Emerson introduced Ron Daniels of Firefly, the company building the new website. Mr. Daniels presented a preview of the website which is nearly ready to go “live”.  Thanks to Mike Howell and Sherri Smith for all their work on this project!    Mr. Daniels did emphasize that changes and additions will be ongoing.

The siltation project by the bridge should be completed by the end of the year depending on equipment availability.

A Storm Water Grant for Rush Creek erosion behind the ball field has been applied for.

The new backstop for the ball field has been installed. Thanks to Jay McMinn and his ball team, Jimmy Hunt and Brad Harris for all the work on the ball field – GREAT JOB!

The Administration Committee will be aggressively pursuing enforcement of restrictions in order to maintain a nice neighborhood appearance. Basic member upgrade letters were sent out in early April.

Clubhouse Committee reported that carpets and furniture were cleaned.

Community Relations Committee once again enjoyed a successful Easter Egg Hunt. Upcoming activities include the Neighborhood Garage Sale (April 23) and Clean Up Day (April 30).

Grounds Committee reported the parking lot was striped and the walking trail sprayed for weeds.

Pool Committee has hired the managers for the upcoming season. Swim team reports an increase in resident members.  The Board will be subsidizing new swimmers fees this year.

All residents are encouraged to attend the monthly meetings and volunteer to assist the Board as “Friends of the Board”.