The April Community Meeting was called to order by Ken Emerson, Board President, at 7:00 pm on Thursday, April 13, 2017 at the Walnut Creek Clubhouse. Board Members in attendance were Joe Blount, Joe Bichler, Scott Eiken, Ken Emerson, Mike Howell and Phil Latessa. Board Members Ken Finke, Alex Hodges, and Siobhann Williams were unable to attend.

Ken Emerson welcomed all guests and reported that Ken Finke has been released from medical care and resting at home. Ken Emerson also expressed appreciation to Board & Community Members for their help on projects around the community.

Community member Joe Smith provided the Board with information from Platte County Senior Services on meals and other services. Joe Smith encouraged the Board to continue efforts in restrictions and county ordinance enforcement to help keep the neighborhood looking presentable. Joe also inquired about the possibility of sending letters to homes in need of outside general clean-up to ask for their help and cooperation in improving their property’s appearance.

The Board approved minutes for the March 2017 Board Meeting.

Old Business:

Board Members approved a request for continuation of privilege suspensions for those violating restrictive covenants.

Mike Howell reported that the Homes Association LED lighting addition and conversion for clubhouse parking lot, pool, multi-use court and small shelter house is on schedule with an expected completion prior to opening of the pool for the summer season.

The Administration Committee reported on Siobhann Williams’ request for more contextual information in the official Board minutes. Minutes will continue to be prepared as action based minutes but will be available to Board Members on Tuesday afternoon prior to the Thursday Board Meeting. Having additional time to review the minutes will allow Board Members to prepare any desired additions to the minutes in writing for presentation during the meeting minutes adoption process. Board Members will simply vote on each proposed addition. If approved, the addition will be added to the official Board Minutes.

The Administration Committee also reported on a proposed change to restriction enforcement procedures from Joe Bichler that would allow unrestricted parking of campers, motor vehicles, boat, trailers, etc. in driveways from April 1 through October 31. The Committee reported that current restriction enforcement practices for these vehicles allow for up to seven consecutive days of parking in the driveway to a total of twenty-one days for the calendar year as approved previously by the Board. The Committee recommended no change to that policy. Joe Bichler made the motion to adopt his recommended change to restriction enforcement practices. The motion did not pass and restriction enforcement practices will continue without change.

Mike Howell reported on the Realtor Roundtable event on April 2 which was attended by 30 or so members and provided the Board with a listing of suggestions, thoughts, and considerations from the discussion.

New Business:

Ken Emerson reported on a Special Project Request to repair / upgrade the audio visual equipment at the clubhouse. Equipment had been degraded over time through usage for various events held in the clubhouse. Based on the need for availability of the AV equipment for functions, Ken contacted Board Members directly about the Special Project Request and received enough Board Member support to move forward with the project. The Special Project Request was for up to $4000.00 to replace / upgrade the equipment and implement connection boxes to eliminate direct connection with the actual equipment. In addition, the project includes providing wireless microphones for use during large community meetings.

The Clubhouse Committee requested additional budget monies for the 2017 operational budget in the amount of $6200.00 for 2017. During past years, the Clubhouse Committee utilized funds generated by clubhouse usage (wear & tear) fees for repairs and replacement of equipment. Based on access to these funds, minimal monies had been allocated to the clubhouse operational budget for these types of expenses since use of the wear & tear monies were available to the Clubhouse Committee. During the course of accounting changes for 2017, these fee monies were moved from the separate wear & tear fee account into the general fund account without offsetting adjustments to the Clubhouse operational budget. The Board approved allocating an additional $6200.00 to the Clubhouse operational budget for 2017 with the plan to review the allocation during 2018 budgeting. The authorized amount included a $1200 expense for costs of new water metering to address the new commercial sewer billing process and $5000 into improvement / repair for general maintenance and improvements needed at the clubhouse.

The Administration Committee requested changes to the Rules and Regulations to state ‘the use of bounce houses and / or other inflatables designed for jumping or climbing are strictly prohibited on Association property’. Bounce Houses and similar inflatables have been specifically excluded from coverage in the Association’s basic and umbrella liability policies. The end result is we do not have liability coverage for injuries, damages, or death resulting in use of these types of inflatables, nor do we have defense coverage in the event we are included in a liability suit. The Rules and Regulations changes were approved by the Board and the reservation and usage documents will be modified to reflect the change.

Ken Emerson and Mike Howell reported on their meeting with Deffenbaugh / WMI regarding increasing ‘loss of’ and ‘damages to’ trash and recycle carts provided to Association members through our trash service contract. The meeting was prompted by communication from Deffenbaugh / WMI regarding charges for missing or damaged carts. The Board was advised of the discussion items and responsibilities of the trash service provider, the Homes Association, and our Member Property Owners relating to trash and recycle carts. An article will be provided in the Association May / June newsletter clarifying responsibilities and procedures for Members regarding trash and recycle carts.

Mike Howell proposed a Special Project Request in the amount of up to $1200.00 to provide additional functionality to our website including: (1) Ability for a member to pay Association dues online through the website using a debit card or credit card, and (2) Creation of a repository of articles and information on subjects of interest for members that could be accessed by topic and included in website search engine results. The Board approved the Special Project Request.

The Grounds and Community Relations Committees will be putting together volunteers to help with the operation of 2017 Spring Cleanup Day.

Mike Howell encouraged Board Committees to encourage and engage interested community members in their work. Not only do extra hands help with the work, but additional viewpoints and perspectives make for better end results.

Committee Reports:

Administration – Work on the Office Operations Manual is continuing. Analytics on the Website and Alert System tracking show continued use.

Clubhouse – Clubhouse AV project is in process. Security cameras and front doors are being evaluated.

Community Relations – Easter Egg Hunt went well with much more participation by the community. Garage Sales and Clean-up Day are up next.

Finance – Finance will be working with our CPA on 2016 tax filing.

Grounds – Playground equipment replacement has been completed. The initial 2017 pond maintenance treatment has been completed.

Pools – Repairs to the diving board structures are scheduled for completion. Hiring of pool staff is underway.

The Community Meeting was adjourned without objection.